Trust me, I’m the Coach.


I just got back from a fun two weeks in Mallorca with the Uplace BMC Pro Triathlon Team. Plenty of miles were accumulated and fun was had by all. Some of the athletes took part in the Mallorca 70.3 at the end of the camp and ended up doing pretty well, which lets us know that we are doing something right, and keeps the team management happy as well. The team’s big summer racing calendar is filled with many highlights and every other week we will be battling it out for the win someplace around the world.

I decided to spend a week in the Austrian mountains to get some specific bike workouts done before I head into the sun in Italy. My favorite place to hang out, Hotel Mohrenwirt am Fuchslsee, gives me the best support for a healthy mix of hard training and, stunning surroundings, great mechanical and physio support, and good food and company once I am done training. Austria has a special place in my heart, that’s for sure.

The only thing is, I have had a problem with my hip flexor since I crossed the line in Melbourne. I am able to run now and then, but definitely not enough to build up proper running fitness.  Luckily, my swim and bike fitness is good so I am focusing on those disciplines at the moment, while adding core work and short specific running replacement into my training. Over the years I have realized that it’s not all about training (I know, crazy, isn’t it?).

My next race is less than three months away and of course I am hoping to defend my title, and visualize this during my workouts, and basically any time when my head gets a free minute to think about things. This race is what’s it’s all about for me this summer. Again, there is no need to worry or rush the training. I was able to win the Asia-Pacific Championships against an outstanding field (even in the fastest time of the year so far), with sub par preparation. So anything is possible—that was the lesson I learned there. Running less than half the mileage could still work. Don’t ask me how though—that is Coach’s specialty and that’s why I chose Krüger Coaching. I know that if there is a chance for me to win, then Michael will get me there. Trusting your coach and believing in his or her approach is a key element in success in this sport, and we tend to forget about that once we get into race mode.  The mental component of racing is far bigger than athletes realize—remember to use it to your advantage.

Sometimes we also just have to let go of controlling everything, and let our coach take care of the thinking (and not over-thinking things ourselves). As hard as it might be, it is necessary and important to approach your goal with an ease of mind.  We can’t force stuff to happen, even though (especially as triathletes) we all would like to….  Don’t forget to just go with the flow and follow your gut feeling sometimes, and accept things as they are out there.  Make the most of the situation and don’t dwell on things during your race, and you will see that you will reach your goals (and have more fun doing it).

Good luck with all of those hard training sessions, and out on the race course.

See you out there soon!


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  1. Good post Dirk, thanks for the tips. Congratulations for Melbourne! Glad to see everything is going great with the new team.
    I hope you recover soon from your hip flexor. Also I’m sure you’ll have a great race in Roth.

    Saludos amigo!

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