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Dirk Bockel: On giving up my Kona Slot.


Off Season Report: 2013 nearly over

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Following Kona we had a few relaxing days in Oahu. It was a great way to get away from the world of sport and to celebrate my birthday with my lovely wife. We had some friends with us and also met a few more at the surf spot on the North Shore. It’s unbelievable how amazing this place is.

We returned to Florida and moved into our new house. We have been living in the guesthouse until the renovation of our 1899 house was finally completed. What a house it is now. This was a real birthday present. It feels like I have more than just a simple US base now. As with all houses there is an endless amount of work that has to be done, even once you move in. Alicia calls it fun stuff but for me it’s hard work. Continue reading

Reflections on 2010 & Warm Wishes from Cold Luxembourg

After my return from my very relaxing spa vacation in Italy, I jumped right back into the flow of things. Lots of work was scheduled, as I still had some stuff to set up our new place in Luxembourg. There is not too much news I can reveal at this point concerning sponsorships, but soon enough I will fill you in on all the news.

Last week I had some meetings with our tri federation, the Olympic Committee and the Army. Apart from that I attended some
events in Luxembourg so I could share my stories of the past year.

We decided not to take a too long of a break and keep a certain fitness level from early December onwards, as the first race will be in March 2011, where I will fight for the win in Abu Dhabi.  After my second place there this year I a hungry for the big prize Continue reading