Introducing my new team: Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team


Greetings from Brussels, Belgium.  I am really excited to announce that I have joined the Uplace-BMC Professional Triathlon Team.  We just finished our official press conference, letting the world know about this amazing group of athletes and professional support crew.  I just completed my first camp of the year with my the team, and everything about the experience has impressed me and solidified and confirmed my decision to become a member of the team.  There is an excellent infrastructure present at Uplace-BMC, and an extreme professionalism that I have never seen in triathlon.  From the first moment I met the team manager when I was considering joining, there has been nothing but positive and consistent interactions that underline the teams integrity and dedication to the sport. Continue reading

Watch my #IMKONA documentary, now with English subtitles!

IM Kona from Black Sessions Films on Vimeo.

#IMKONA: Documentary about my 2012 season

Make sure you check out RTL tonight at 8pm (Luxembourg time) which is 2pm (EST)!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT LIVE

Kona Countdown 2012: Four Weeks Out

Aloha from Hawaii!  I finally hopped across the pond and landed on the big island.  It is great to be back here and start getting back into race mode.  We are still a few weeks out of the race and the vibe over here remains cool.  I suspect that once race week rolls around and all of the nervous athletes start invading Kona, all of that calm vibes will be a thing of the past.

This week I enjoyed a bit of travel and started adapting back to life at sea level.  All of this excess oxygen feels great and I am making the most of it with tempo sessions and intensity.  Stay tuned for my video for week three… where I will give you guys an insight into what the last key sessions look like for me on the road to the big dance.

Kona Countdown 2012: Seven Weeks Out

In this week’s video, I take an “easy” week–which means I have a lot of intensity on the menu.  I answer questions from Twitter followers in regards to intensity and overall planning of training.

I am taking questions from my twitter followers about anything they would like to know regarding my Kona buildup.  Just address your tweets to @dirkbockel #KonaCountdown.