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The Art Of Triathlon Training

The Facebook MENTORSHIP Group


This group is an private & exclusive group for triathletes of all levels who want to learn more about the world of triathlon and those who strive for excellence ( in sport & in life). According to the book ‘The Art Of Triathlon Training’ this group builds a community of like-minded athletes to have direct and unlimited access to understand, learn & apply the hidden secrets of the pros, guided and mentored personally by Dirk Bockel. Simply pose your questions, tell your story and Dirk will advise, coach & consult on your journey.

In case you’re not a member yet, please SIGN UP here today.

(only 25$/month for unlimited access in this exclusive group)


Here are some simple group GUIDELINES:

– Once you join, introduce yourself and let us all know where you are at in your journey and where you seek some help. Comment and ask your question of how this group can move your forward.

– Please keep it positive. We are here to support each other and learn, not to complain. Zero tolerance for offensive content or any personal marketing efforts & spams.

– Welcome and accept support from other members. Everybody is here to contribute to your triathlon journey- and no worries, it’s our community, it’s a closed group.

– Make sure to ask any questions you have in the group and not via a PM. This creates open conversation where everyone else can learn as well.

Welcome to the EXCLUSIVE group.

Let’s do this together – let me support you on your journey