Spring Update from Chamonix, France

How to recover from your race in Kona.

035_DD47521The race is over and is now history. Every single athlete learned a valuable lesson out there, ranging from good to very bad. The body is sore and cries for rest now, but don’t forget that your mind is as exhausted as your body if not even more. So now it is key to refuel your body with the foods that you have been craving and do the things that you postponed up until now. Continue reading

How to increase your Kona Performance: The Final Countdown

007_DD46704The final few days leading up to a world championship event are a serious test of discipline. You are starting to feel race ready and fresh, but also a bit overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the hype around the race in Kona. It becomes a real challenge not to walk around too much and to participate in all those events offered leading up to race day. The pros have to engage in PR meetings which is a must but also a double edged sword. Being smart and being able to say no when you need to is certainly the smart thing to do in this situation. I personally love that I have my team and manager to be the “bad cop” and to be the ones to accept or deny obligations. Continue reading

How to increase your Kona performance: One Week Out

004_D4S3312Now there are only a few days left before it’s time to race. The work is done and tapering is in full swing. The body is starting to slowly recover and each day will bring with it a bit more fitness and give you that “ready feeling”. Sleeping and eating the right meals are some of the main goals for this week. So that means, no experiments in the food department. The final week should be standardized and practiced in training and it should consist of a real pre-race routine for the pros and the amateurs. Continue reading

Clean Machine: My 10 day juice cleanse.

017_D4S4136You may have read a few of my tweets or comments on my Facebook page about my latest adventure–a master body detox and cleansing experiment. So, let me fill you in how that all turned out and why it actually even started.

It all began my wife’s idea to get her body 100% back to health. So while I was still in Denmark working on my injury and seeing various specialists, she was already back in lovely St. Augustine, doing her thing. She started with the juice cleanse and that’s how I got the bug. When I returned I first enjoyed a few days of reward food since I was finally back home, and then got started pretty much cold turkey. My goal was to do a juice cleanse for 10 days, followed by a liver cleanse on the last day. Continue reading