Now SIGNED book copies available (EU) & upcoming US BOOK signing tour

Hey guys,

thanks for checking in!

The weather turned a bit colder the past weeks so I put on my thinking head and figured out how to provide you with some SIGNED BOOK COPIES

Right now, everyone in EUROPE can order a signed book copy and then get it shipped to you doorstep for just 20€ that’s including shipping. Pretty good, right?

All you gotta do is send me your message via Paypal or a bank transfer to
Dirk Bockel
LU42 0030 4458 1234 0000
address & text


Book Tour in the USA:
I am working on a US BOOK TOUR, starting after Thanksgiving in Florida/SC/NC/AZ/TX/CA/CO. I will be touring with my van to some of the biggest and coolest TRI clubs across the country and joining some of the triathlon meetings. You will have a chance to Meet&Greet and there will be time for some funny Q&A’s. I will bring a boatload of books along as well.
So please stay tuned for more details. Can’t wait to meet up along the way.
Drop me a note below and let me know if you are interested in coming.
Please also see social media for instant updates.

If you are still unsure about the book, have a look at the media reports of my book (right side of blog)
TV, radio and several podcasts and blogs are talking very highly about the content.
Yes, needless to say, I am very proud too…
Check it out!

More coming soon
Yours, Dirk

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