Blown Away: My Visit to the A2 Wind Tunnel & Entering Altitude

Dirk 1

I decided it was about time to get my position double checked and do some minor tweaks here and there in terms of equipment.  So right before my altitude camp in Flagstaff, I flew to Charlotte to get tested in the legendary A2 wind tunnel. Mike Giraud is not only my friend, but he is also the boss when it comes to the tunnel, and he was able to find out a few interesting things that helped me get even more aero and ready to face the wind in my upcoming races across Europe and the USA.

With a slightly remodeled position and some minor changes in my pocket I was released hours later, back on a plane that was taking me to Phoenix and then via car up to Flagstaff. Holy crap- I can’t remember the last time I was that tired while driving.  It must have been during my early years of racing when I came back from Australia and had to drive home from Frankfurt. I had to pull over and fall asleep in a parking lot and nearly froze to death when I woke up. So, remembering that experience, I decided to keep going on my drowsy drive up the mountain Continue reading

Top Secret: The Bockel Ironman Nutrition Plan

First Endurance asked me to share which of their products I use for racing and training.  You can read the full report HERE

This gives a bit of insight for @ThierryHensen and @olle_norberg who asked me specific questions about my race nutrition and recovery.  I will hit on that in more detail as Kona approaches.

The #KonaCountdown continues…tweet your questions to @dirkbockel #KonaCountdown, and I will answer them in my weekly blog post.  We are now a little over 7 weeks out of Kona, and that means a new video is coming up soon… stay tuned.

A close up of my bike – Slowtwitch style


Herbert Krabel got a close up of my bike while I was in Abu Dhabi this year.  Check out the Slowtwitch highlight HERE.

New Leopard – Slowtwitch inside story

The guys at Slowtwitch caught up with me on my first training camp of the year–and got the inside scoop on my new deal with Leopard Trek.  Check the full article HERE

The Big Reveal: Mind Bockeling 2012 Blue Triad SL

I just recieved my new Blue bike via UPS–wow what an awesome present to open–like Christmas and birthdays all wrapped into one.  I made this video of my first ever meeting with Sookie… that’s her name… as I unpacked her out of the box (you can tell I am a little excited)…

Many thanks goes out to Blue Competiton Cycles for hooking me up with my new 2012 Triad SL.  She’s going to get the ride of her life out on the Queen K on October 8th.