The Big Reveal: Mind Bockeling 2012 Blue Triad SL

I just recieved my new Blue bike via UPS–wow what an awesome present to open–like Christmas and birthdays all wrapped into one.  I made this video of my first ever meeting with Sookie… that’s her name… as I unpacked her out of the box (you can tell I am a little excited)…

Many thanks goes out to Blue Competiton Cycles for hooking me up with my new 2012 Triad SL.  She’s going to get the ride of her life out on the Queen K on October 8th.

One Comment On “The Big Reveal: Mind Bockeling 2012 Blue Triad SL”

  1. oh wow—nice bike…always nice to have your own name on it. Good luck on the big race. I’ll be watching after my half marathon.

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