Blown Away: My Visit to the A2 Wind Tunnel & Entering Altitude

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I decided it was about time to get my position double checked and do some minor tweaks here and there in terms of equipment.  So right before my altitude camp in Flagstaff, I flew to Charlotte to get tested in the legendary A2 wind tunnel. Mike Giraud is not only my friend, but he is also the boss when it comes to the tunnel, and he was able to find out a few interesting things that helped me get even more aero and ready to face the wind in my upcoming races across Europe and the USA.

With a slightly remodeled position and some minor changes in my pocket I was released hours later, back on a plane that was taking me to Phoenix and then via car up to Flagstaff. Holy crap- I can’t remember the last time I was that tired while driving.  It must have been during my early years of racing when I came back from Australia and had to drive home from Frankfurt. I had to pull over and fall asleep in a parking lot and nearly froze to death when I woke up. So, remembering that experience, I decided to keep going on my drowsy drive up the mountain. Not the smartest thing, I know. Well, the trip consisted rolling the window up and rolling the window down.  Turning the music up loud, and turning the music off.  Jumping around in my seat (yeah, it was dark, lucky me) to get my heart rate up.  I played head games, repeating words I pick up from random songs.  I tried every ridiculous trick I could come up with till I finally saw the lights of Flagstaff approaching. So I made it in one piece and opened the door of my rental- straight to bed without even looking around.

The next morning, I made some coffee and inspected the new accommodation and enjoyed a strong cup of coffee.  I love it when the house owner knows how triathletes function and already has coffee and beer is in the fridge. I gotta comeback to this place. Thanks James!

The next few weeks are going to be filled with a lot of work.   I was on my own for the first 10 days or so and had a great time, despite being a bit lonely.  It is tough from time to time but I know this is what it takes for me to clear my mind and focus on work and nothing but work. Oh did I mention I am here to work….
Here’s hoping that it all pays off once my summer season rolls around.

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  1. Have fun at your camp, hard!

  2. I will. Flagstaff is amazing and now is the time to put in the work….all the best to you

  3. It was great to get you back in #A2WT

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