Feeling the pre Ironman World Championship vibe all the way from Kona Hawaii

With Ironman Kona around the corner….

Not much longer, the worlds toughest one day sport even in the world is about to happen, and the count down for the remaining y three weeks has already started. I guess this time of the year will always stay special to me. I can feel the tension and the nervousness of the athletes from all over the world in my little writing room here in Luxembourg. Even though I am retired now, my heart is jumping to the beats of the pre Kona count down.

Right around that three week mark before the race, I used to wrap up my altitude camp and made the trip to the Big Island. Once you arrive there, that’s when it gets real. I miss it. Every. Single. Year. I might still make a last minute decision and fly over. Why not?

I think today might be another training day for me where I will imagine running up and down on Ali’i Drive. Glad that foot of mine is much better these days and I am able to run when and how I want. By now I have managed to forgive my left foot for the injury causing my career to end, but I will never forget. I guess by now we are friends again…

Since that day in 2015 I spend a lot of time on my desk to finish writing my book. The lessons I learned from racing but also from being injured are worth sharing to make it easier for other athletes to deal with it.

Even walking away from racing and dealing with the loss of identity and lots of soul searching is worth sharing, as there are many athletes dealing with the same ups and downs along their own journey.

That was the reason to not just write one book but to put in the effort to target all the main topics in more depth to make the book package as complete as possible in order to provide guidance and structure for everyone to follow. No matter if you are a first timer or an experienced athlete.

This is so important to me that I decided to provide a FREE EXCERPT of the book for you to check out. Just click HERE to read up on it.

For MORE DETAILS about all five books, read more HERE.

On October 1st I will officially launch all books here exclusively on my blog.

You will love it, check it out!




Announcing my Triathlon Training book launch & Commentating at Challenge Almere

A few words about my upcoming BOOK launch:

The Art Of Triathlon Training

A Proven Guide For Your Triathlon Journey

( sorry for the bad editing, I am aware of it and I will promise to do better next time 😉

Hi !

Some exciting news for you. I finished my book package of 5 books and it will be available shorty on my blog and also as kindle and paperback on Amazon. More news and details will follow in the next few days before the launch. I am beyond excited to share this with you. This book will change your journey in many ways….Stay tuned for more here.

Then I had quite some amazing feedback after commentating at Challenge Almere in the Netherlands. Looks like Belinda Granger and myself make a pretty good team out there and already planning the next gigs. Thanks for all the comments during the life broadcast you made not just our day but supported the beautiful race near Amsterdam. Good fun and much more to come here as well.

Training update: Summer seems to leave us already, which makes riding a bit harder, as temperatures are cooling down and the sun starts hiding behind the clouds. That means more running and a bit less cycling for right now. And believe it or not, I will be found on the start line at a local run in Luxembourg to support a good cause.

Thanks for stopping by,

lots of love to everyone and especially to my friends in Florida who are still busy with rebuilding their houses from hurricane Matthews in 2016 and now got hit again by hurricane Irma.

Stay strong and never give up!



Post Challenge Roth thoughts & lifestyle update

Hi guys,

I made quick video while running errands to update you whats been going on. Enjoy the brief video.

After hurting my calf the other on a short 10k run, I am back on the bike and need to wait a few more days till I can run again.

Today I filmed a big section about how NOT to get injured and what to do if you got injured. This will be a great video for you to get to know the secrets of the pros….You will love it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here below. I am always happy to read your comments and will answer your questions.
Happy summer to you all.


How to start a new chapter​- from injury to freedom

After traveling through Europe in my van, my foot injury slowly started to get better. There was nothing I could do other than staying fit – racing was out of the picture after being out for so long… too bad. I came to terms with it over the months during my #vanlife trip throughout Europe. It was around September when I headed back to my home base in St Augustine Florida. During the summer we had sold our house and so we stayed with the in-laws. Five months later I was divorced and back in Luxembourg.

That’s a pretty quick summary of what happened during the winter. After months of struggling, I decided that the endless search of finding ‘who you are’ and intense spirituality was too extreme for me and so I opted for a normal life. So I took my van and my scrambler on a little trip. After a few weeks of enjoying van life in and around Florida, I decided to head back to Luxembourg. There I started another chapter in my life, and settled in quickly. My friends were so happy and helpful and I knew it was the right decision I made.

In early summer I picked up a bit more training thanks to my foot finally deciding to feel much better. I even did a voluntary (!) training camp in the south of France, and climbed up the legendary Mount Ventoux  twice with my cycling buddies ( one of the iconic climbs of the Tour de France in case you don’t know) . My fitness increased quickly, and I realized that  training is much more fun when you are in a solid shape. This felt good after my foot has given me serious trouble over the past one and a half years.

Now, being officially retired, all the pressure is gone, and I can just train purely for fun. On many days I don’t even know how long I’m riding or how fast I am running. I just let my heart decide and go with the flow. This is a welcomed change after so many years of chasing the seconds…

Surely it was a bit weird to get settled in Europe by myself, but it didn’t last long time till I really felt at ease and at peace with everything. The beginning of summer offered plenty of opportunities for me and I had to make some serious choices of which direction I am going to head next.

Some of the fun parts were picking up some commentating jobs for major triathlon events. I still love the atmosphere and triathlon has been my life for so long, that I really feel good being in the mix. It is not a job, this is just fun and giving back to the sport that gave me so much over the past years. Obviously I can’t picture myself racing again – but this seems a great way to stay connected to the triathlon family. My drive to thrive for maximum performance has no unfinished business left. Looking back, I won my last race that I competed in, while preparing the ITU World Championships. Of course it’s a pity I couldn’t perform at this planned peak race –  but that’s OK. I guess life had a better plan for me.

Being back in Luxembourg during the beautiful summer time, with my laptop on my knees, it seems that I am finding the time to finish what I started. My book. It has been years that I worked on it, and it soon will be finished. I can’t wait to share this with you. This is a book that explains everything in the world of triathlon to help any triathlete to become much better and stronger through making smart choices along the way. It starts from planning, training and even guided step of how to race your peak race. It even provides a sample of how to analyze your progress along the way. This book will guide you from A – Z. You will be inspired and amused by it …

Not much longer till it will be done. So stay tuned!

There are some interesting business opportunities to pursue, and I am in the process of figuring out a smooth transition to maintain my freedom and my thrive to travel while being financially secure for the future. Pretty interesting period right now. I am loving it!

The times are really exciting and stars are aligning for me. I’m loving my new place viewing over the Mosel river which separates Germany and Luxembourg. Once the weather turned towards summer, I started missing my motorcycle – so I decided to buy another cruiser over here. Men & their toys – I know. I’m not into stuff really, but every once in a while I jump on something crazy. Check out my Instagram feed for the latest pictures. She is so pretty (hehe)

While enjoying life I am also working on building two companies and it’s going pretty well. I will soon fill you in with a few more details. My next stop will be commentating at Challenge Roth and teaching triathlon to the kids in the days leading up to this huge event. Remember: 250.000 spectators along the race !!! I can’t wait to be back. This has been a magical place for me where I celebrated one of my biggest career successes. I will never forget the year 2013 when I posted a 7:52h time- and afterwards celebrating this with my closest friends. Only two more weeks till it is time again for triathlon biggest stage.

Hope you guys are all doing well and keep following your heart along this interesting journey that life has in the sleeves for us.


Running in the Scottish Highlands