Introducing my new team: Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team


Greetings from Brussels, Belgium.  I am really excited to announce that I have joined the Uplace-BMC Professional Triathlon Team.  We just finished our official press conference, letting the world know about this amazing group of athletes and professional support crew.  I just completed my first camp of the year with my the team, and everything about the experience has impressed me and solidified and confirmed my decision to become a member of the team.  There is an excellent infrastructure present at Uplace-BMC, and an extreme professionalism that I have never seen in triathlon.  From the first moment I met the team manager when I was considering joining, there has been nothing but positive and consistent interactions that underline the teams integrity and dedication to the sport.

There are a total of 10 athletes on the team and there are several staff members who work to support us full time, so the possibilities are enormous and better than I have ever had in my career.  The staff ranges from directors and team managers, to doctors, strength trainers, osteopaths, press officers and mechanics. Each staff member is completely dedicated to furthering our team goals.  This was the most important part for me in deciding to work with the Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team over the next part of my career.  The support that they provide will enable me to focus 100% on training and racing, and not have to deal with all of the exhausting parts that also belong to being a professional.  It feels really good to have this group behind me coming into this season.

Our first training camp of the year took place at Sands Beach Resort in Lanzarote, Spain.  We all arrived around the 3rd of January and got to spend some time training and taking care of things, from photoshoots, to medical checks, to gear fitting.  It was great to get to hang out with and meet my new team members, although I have known many of them for a lot of years.  It feels really good to have a real team behind me where I know we are all working towards our common goals of going to Hawaii and winning races.  Of course, it is also great to have some guys out there sharing in the pain of getting back in shape after a long winter break.

The way the team is run sets us athletes up for chances to make huge steps and improvements in our performance.  I am hoping that joining the Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team will also be what I need to take the next step in my career, and I am convinced that this will be the case.

To keep up with our team’s progress and read more about who my 9 other team members are, please check out the official Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team webpage.

4 Comments On “Introducing my new team: Uplace-BMC Pro Triathlon Team”

  1. Great news for you ! Future looking good.

  2. Salut Dirk,
    Gleckwensch zu denger neier Equipe.
    Maer hoffen dein Joer huet gudd ugefangen.
    Keiko an ech wenschen Daer dass du dest Joer zou Kona
    wenigstens op den Podium koennst, du hues et verdingt
    als fairen Sportsman.
    Ech giff och mengen dassen maer eis erem iwert den Wee laafen.
    Maer sinn vum 03 October bis den 21 October 2014 souwiesou zou Kona an haalen Daer
    Dommen vir des Saison.
    Matt beschten Greiss, an du wees jo,
    Gambate kudasa
    Keiko an Petz

  3. Good luck in the New Team 🙂

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