Mental Training Series Part 1: Ultimate Intention Statement

I happy to finally announce that I am starting a new Mental Training Series on Live & Let Tri that highlights techniques that I use to mentally prepare for races!

I have some great stuff in store for you guys that I am sure will catapult your results to the next level (I know it did for me)!

This is the first part of the series–and focuses on the Ultimate Intention Statement (UIS)–an extremely powerful tool that I started using last year in order to qualify for the Olympics and have continued to use this year in the longer distance races. In my opinion the UIS is even more beneficial for those Ironman distance races because there is such a huge mental component to succeeding.

Simon Kessler is an awesome coach and long time friend who actually introduced me to the UIS. These same techniques can be used everyday life for any big goal that you may have.

My personal experience in using this tool was so strong and powerful, that I decided to use it for most of my races after it worked out right away when I tried it for my race in Madrid. I am usually a bit skeptical of such things–but even I cannot deny the effects of using this tool.

As the video highlights, the basic ideas for preparing the Ultimate Intention Statement are as follows:

  • Write down exactly how you wish the race to unfold.
  • Use a perspective of gratitude when writing it and involve the feeling you would experience when you imagine the race.
  • Read it as often as possible, (better 2 times for 3 minutes a day than once a week for 30 minutes) the key is to frequently read it and become familiar with it.
  • Finally, you have to believe it. Only when you strongly believe it, will the UIS work for you.

When you get used to the procedure try it out in various situations in your life and you will see how powerful and real this tool is.

For additional information about Simon and the great things he is doing for athletes, check out Simon Says Cycling.

Let’s here your thoughts about it!! Have you guys used something similar in the past (perhaps you have seen the movie “The Secret” and implemented the “Law of Attraction” in races before)? I would love to hear about the experiences you have had using something similar in races. Or feel free to test it out and then leave me a comment about how it worked out for you!

3 Comments On “Mental Training Series Part 1: Ultimate Intention Statement”

  1. Great piece and well presented… will try it out for myself and my athletes…
    Like the teeth too 🙂


  2. Writing down your goals and continually reminding yourself what you want to achieve is a key component to success. I’m a high school health teacher and I continually reiterate this message to my students because I believe goal setting is the ultimate key to living a full life that is lacking nothing. I call it a POA…Plan of Action. My students have to identify their goal, the timeframe, how they are going to track their progress, the support needed, and how they plan to reward themselves. Great video clip guys on UIS’s. BTW…great job in Florida. I enjoyed watching you race.

  3. Nice clip. Interesting way of looking outside the box. I will give it a try. Keep them coming.

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