Kona 2013 Recap: My 5th attempt at Kona Gold

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  1. I just can imagine how frustrating it must be the issue of the possible “Bad Energy Drink Perform” during Ironman Kona. I’m glad to see you speak out and let everyone else that there are other races like Roth, I was there with you man, and as you say.. The Feeling is “This is how Triathlon should feel like”
    We will never be sure if That crap of drink that they gave all the athletes was “Bad” but what we know is that there are many, many better drinks out there, I don’t think Perform is sold anymore anywhere, is hard to find that’s how bad it is…
    What we know is that the main reason that’s the drink they gave you is because of a contract, a contract that will be still good for 2014… Let’s see it as if you guys were Formula 1 cars that need high octane fuel, but because of a contract you will be given Biodiesel during the race….. Sad but that’s how it works. Plus…. What’s the standards of those coolers? who takes care of the handling and preparation of the drinks… When the race is run by Athletes you could imagine someone would take care of this, but when it’s run by an Investment company 100% as a business, you just wonder…..

  2. Hey Dirk, Thanks for putting this up man. It’s really insightful to get a view from someone who’s race didn’t go exactly to plan. People aren’t always purely interested in the winners. Hope next season goes well.

  3. You will be back, Dirk!
    Happy birthday.


  4. Dirk, thank you for the video. You are an amazing athlete and I know you can accomplish whatever you want in life. Do not give up on your dream. Once you give up on one, it gets easier to give up on the next one. I believe in you!!

    May you and your wife have an amazing time there in Hawaii while you rest up!!


  5. Thanks for posting this and being so honest. I hope one day in Florida I can train with you. Happy Birthday and it’s you wife’s time – you are smart man …lol

  6. Thanks for the video Dirk and I an 100% with Jan. How adeptly IM/WTC has made so little mention of the problems so many pros had. It would be great to see you Dirk do really well in other races similar to Roth, they are just as beneficial unless you win Kona, which is really becoming a ‘lucky’lottery for ALL pros! Look at Raelert, he will probably never win Kona now. For example I can recommend ‘Ostseeman’ in Glucksburg.

  7. Tough luck, can’t control everythng…u and crowie had some similar comments about the points too which is too bad. Ironman needs to wake up and listen to its superstars. Cheers to a 2014…maybe see u I Florida.

  8. very true, Nate. It just seems they won’t really. Its hard for us, but if you want to go to Kona you have to play their game- even though it’s a win-lose relation here.

  9. Osteseeman, sounds interesting! I should look to both sides, you are right. Kona is my dream, but so many variable in there. WTC is not really helping us PRO either…not sure yet what to do, but I will figure it out. Thanks for your support buddy

  10. hi, all you have to do is come by St Augustine and you are in! Let me know. Happy training out there.

  11. hi, I won’t give up unless I have to throw up due to outside factors…( talking about Kona and my dream). I still want to come back and give it a shot but I need to really think rationally here as well. I will keep rocking the tri scene, no doubt…many years left in the tank. Cheers and thanks for the comment Stefan.

  12. Thanks. I am trying to….lol

  13. Thank you. Lets hope for the next attempt. Good luck for you as well

  14. you speak for my soul, but what can we do. Not much. We all know the problem and looks like we lose if we want to do IM and Kona. There is plenty more out there but it depends on everyone’s personal goal… tough call. Business wise and emotionally. Maybe off season will tell…. gracias chicco

  15. Hi Dirk,
    what do you think about to alternate the place of the Ironman-World-championship? You know some of the best and fastest Guys have so many problems at the heat at Hawaii. You won Roth, you know what I mean. Are there other races worth to be the world championship? My answer is: yes! What is yours? For me it should be like in the Formula One, a pack of races at different countries and conditions. This didn’t harm Kona at least. Kona will become the “Monaco Grand Prix” in Triathlon. What do you think?

  16. hi Sam. Yes I totally agree with that. Kona will always stay a special race but I would love to see Challenge doing that- not the WTC. They have done it with 70.3 like that. Let’s see how that will work out. The system in place doesn’t seem to be really good for most of the pros, as its a long process to qualify for races and we can’t race that much anyways. Each athlete needs to figure out if it really makes sense in terms of getting “tired” to Kona and then you have to repeat the process. there are so many beautiful and bog races out there which might be way more attractive to some…

  17. Eduardo de la Garza

    Hi Dirk!

    Thanks for the video. Take time to recover, I can’t imagine how tough it was. But you will return stronger for more, I know that. Also you had a really good season. Congrats for Roth!
    I hope you have a great 2014 season. We’ll be cheering for you in every race you choose.
    Take care man.

  18. Keep trying men you have all what it takes to win go,go,go. I’m doing my first IM full on 2014 Cozumel. You inspire me !

  19. Thanks- I am trying hard to make up my mind for the coming years. Whatever decision I will chose- it will be the right one. Good luck for Cozumel.

  20. Thanks Eduardo, glad to have your support. I really appreciate your following and cheering for me around the globe!

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