How to recover from your race in Kona.

035_DD47521The race is over and is now history. Every single athlete learned a valuable lesson out there, ranging from good to very bad. The body is sore and cries for rest now, but don’t forget that your mind is as exhausted as your body if not even more. So now it is key to refuel your body with the foods that you have been craving and do the things that you postponed up until now.

The first few days will be hard physically as you have to deal with your battle wounds from the intense and long day in the lava fields. It is still too early to rationally analyze the race. Wait a few days until you gain the perspective you need to look at it more objectively, and then you can write down your goals for improvement. No matter how sore your are, remember, now is the time to pay the support crew. Your partner is now the boss and racing is no longer in the forefront. Many sacrifices have been made on both sides and it is time to kick back and let the soul heal from the hype and the body recover from the physical stress.

Many athletes will experience the blues throughout the next few days and weeks. It is normal to feel the emptiness after a big season goal. This period is usually short lived, but could be intense, leaving many questions to be answered. It might help to have some time off to work a few things off your bucket list. Soon it will be time to make plans for next season, but until then, enjoy the fruit of all of your hard work.

Happy recovering. It is time to be proud about your achievements–reflect and heal up.

Aloha, till the next year.

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  1. Wise words Dirk! Looking forward to read more words in your book! Db boy hug 2u!

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