How to increase your Kona Performance: The Final Countdown

007_DD46704The final few days leading up to a world championship event are a serious test of discipline. You are starting to feel race ready and fresh, but also a bit overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the hype around the race in Kona. It becomes a real challenge not to walk around too much and to participate in all those events offered leading up to race day. The pros have to engage in PR meetings which is a must but also a double edged sword. Being smart and being able to say no when you need to is certainly the smart thing to do in this situation. I personally love that I have my team and manager to be the “bad cop” and to be the ones to accept or deny obligations.

For me it’s a first to be here in Kona without racing, and yesterday I was on my feet for 14hours straight, cankles included! Promoting my book and my Tuscan Gourmet camp is hard work. Watching from the sideline is different but interesting, and maybe even a welcomed change for me. I see many amateurs doing their panic training and trying to magically create fitness in the last few days. Please refrain from doing that now! The work is done, you can only harm your form from now on. Stay focused on your tasks, get out of the sun for most of the day and don’t add any additional “heat adaption sessions” to your plan from now on. It is done, you either did your homework or you didn’t, and cramming for the big test might work in college but it won’t work here.

Combine training sessions with meetings to save time. Plan your downtime during the hottest part of the day from 12-4 (the Spanish were right when they created the siesta). Thanks to the jet lag you should already be awake and able to get in some early training. Pick up your gear and race package early to set up your bike without any rush and remember what I talked about last week: no last minute changes. This is it now. You worked your butt off to get here and race day will be here any minute.

Repeat your visualizations of the race in order to get in the zone and to get ready mentally. Don’t forget that the most tweaked out Mercedes doesn’t win the race without the skills of the driver. When you’re not training, minimize your time walking around. Recovery is key. Carbo loading will start 48 hours before the race, and that doesn’t mean it’s okay to overeat all the time. You will simply eat more carbs when you do eat. Cut the fiber, salad, sugars, meat, and reduce vegetables and fruits. Simple and easy-to-digest foods, such as rice are the way to go. Now is not the time to add stress to your gastro system, and this tip will help you to avoid irritation during the race day.

All systems on 100% for race day, everything else can wait till after. Be smart and enjoy the final hours. You deserve to be here and now you should harvest the fruits of your hard work.

Prepare for the lava…I will cheer you on from the sidelines and we will celebrate together after your success.

May Madame Pele be on your side.

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