How to increase your Kona performance: One Week Out

004_D4S3312Now there are only a few days left before it’s time to race. The work is done and tapering is in full swing. The body is starting to slowly recover and each day will bring with it a bit more fitness and give you that “ready feeling”. Sleeping and eating the right meals are some of the main goals for this week. So that means, no experiments in the food department. The final week should be standardized and practiced in training and it should consist of a real pre-race routine for the pros and the amateurs.

The pros will be very busy attending interviews and fulfilling sponsor requests during the week, which could get quite extensive in Kona. The key is to do the necessary and know when to say no. Staying off your feet and if possible avoiding too much sun is another key component for being race ready in a just a few days.

For the amateurs it is vital not to engage in any panic training and last minute race speed check ups. Ignoring the 2500 other athletes might help during the final few training sessions as well. Keep to your tried and true system regardless of who passes who on the Queen K. Remember you are here to race and aim for a PR, and even though it’s based in paradise it is still a Championship race, so reduce your beach and sightseeing time. You can always do that fun stuff after the race. Let the support team enjoy the scenery while you make sure your gear is in top condition for the race. There is no time for over analyzing now. The work is done and nothing will change your fitness level from now till the race- you can only hurt it by doing stupid things. So listen to your coach, but in the end you are the one who always makes the final call. Also remember that tapering doesn’t mean stop training completely.

Kona is like a zoo during the last week and I can’t wait to join the party very soon. Prepare mentally for the upcoming challenge but don’t get too worked up about it. Lay out your race gear early to double check, and definitely avoid last minute changes! Now it’s the time to change your bike to it’s race set up and train on that setup a few times. You can enjoy and soak up the atmosphere, but remember that sitting for endless hours in Lava Java won’t earn you any bonus points on race day. Remain smart and focused. Don’t forget all that you sacrificed to get here, and all the time, effort, and money you have invested, so go and harvest the fruit of your work now. There is time for everything else after the race.

I will check in with you one more time shortly before the race for more last minute advice. You can find more info on my blog about how to get race ready and perform to your potential. I will also be revealing many more secrets in my book that will be published in the spring of 2015, and during my exclusive Luxury Triathlon Camps.  I would be honored for you to join me for a ride through Tuscany, and gourmet meal afterwards!

Enjoy the Aloha spirit and honor the 808! Madame Pele will be good to you in return.

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