Audio: Simon Gowen Triathlon Show

I went on the Simon Gowen Triathlon Show on LA Talk Radio last week–as always Simon had some good questions for me.  You can CLICK HERE for the interview.

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  1. Dirk,

    I heard that you train/live in florida part of the year. My wife and I are thinking of relocating to florida because currently we live in Idaho where its 30 degrees. I was curious if you had any suggestions for where to live? We are in our mid twenties, no kids, and I am looking at pursuing triathlons professionally in the next few years. Thanks for any input!


  2. Hi man, guess why I picked St Augustine, I believe it has the best combination of all, and I also like to have a normal life besides the sport and that’s just perfect here, check out to see some pix. The further south you go the more traffic you will encounter and Miami is better in the winter but not sure where you would hopp on your bike there, unless you are a 4am guy….2nd choice would be North Tampa. It has good groupes but I think the quality especially for triathlons is here. Good luck in the decision process!

  3. Dirk,

    Thanks for the quick reply. That place looks perfect. We have been looking for somewhere that is safe to train, as well as a nice lifestyle. We are going to look for jobs and housing asap. By the way awesome job in kona! Maybe if we make to st augstine you could show me some of the training routes 🙂 Talk to you soon.


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