Spring Update from Chamonix, France

Winter break is over…and it’s time to race!

Fl Training

My first race of the year will be at the HITS Half Ironman in Naples FL. The race will be held Saturday the 12th of January at 7am. I am looking forward to get back into racing mode! In just two weeks I will race Panama 70.3 in order to get some more qualifying points for my world ranking and the Kona World Championship qualification. This winter we tried a few different things and I was able to stay lean and in shape. Not sure what how my body will react during the race but I am confident to be able to challenge myself!

So I guess it is time I update you guys on my winter break… Continue reading

Update from Bavaria: Injury & Summer Hols

Just some updates for you guys concerning my injury and forced training break.  It’s not all bad though–we are having a great time here in Bavaria–unbelievable.

Gaining 10 lbs in 10 days: The Art of the Off-Season

After racing Ironman Hawaii and Ironman Florida within weeks of one another, I decided to treat myself to some real recovery at a spa hotel in Italy.  I basically just laid around for the past week and a half and did nothing at all (outside of eating and getting massages) and it was just great.  I did take a few minutes to record a video-blog for you guys though–hope you enjoy it.

Antwerp 70.3 dedication & Lux TdF crit

I‘m back on the road. Somehow I still get very excited every time I am about to leave. Destination: Boulder, Colorado.  Purpose: Hawaii preparation.  With who: double world champion Craig Alexander.  Special info: 6 weeks altitude then straight to Kona, Hawaii for the big show down in 2010. Continue reading