Ready to race… and a Roadtrip…

It is about time for the latest news from St Augustine, Florida…

After spending much time in Luxembourg and waiting for my visa papers to go through, I decided to leave and escape the cold and rainy weather back home. Two and a half weeks of 45 degrees was definitely enough, especially when preparing for some more early season races in the heat here in the south of the US.  Oh well, and I just found out that my visa didn’t go through either, which is a real bummer for my summer racing and training plans over here.

I have plenty of other options so no need to stress, and I have enough time to prepare for Hawaii and do a couple of other races over here during the summer.

So when I came back to the warm Florida weather I got right back into some heavy training and forgot about the stressful race in Abu Dhabi.  The new goal was defined as 70.3 New Orleans and four weeks later another 70.3 race in Florida at Disney.   Continue reading

Chasing the sun in 2009…

Travel time again...

Where to start? As you might know, we sold our house in December 2008 and started spending more time on the road.  As a quick overview of where we have been in 2009–here is the big travel blog post! Continue reading

On the road to Kona…


After spending three long weeks on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, I got my stuff packed up and flew all the way across to Vegas to enjoy some interesting meetings with new potential sponsors. My travel was more than crazy—to give you some inside view on the trip of torture: we flew from Fuerteventura, Spain to Stuttgart, Germany where we repacked and got some rest at my Dad’s place before getting ready for the long US trip. After a very short 4hr sleep we drove 2h to Frankfurt and from there the party kind of started: FRA-PHI-LAS (2 days packed of meetings, a slight bit of training, accompanied by the worst jetlag possible). Starting at 4am again we headed from LAS via PHX to Kona. Excitement was on the rise when I saw the nice little islands below through my tiny window from the plane, but the past days already took their toll….

Continue reading

Chasing The Sun


What a great time! After Prague, I took some fun time off to explore Barcelona-which was awesome, impressive but also a bit stressful like most big cities.

After 6 easy days, I went back to another training camp to do some more necessary work. Location: the hot and dry south of France. The purpose of the camp was to get used to the heat and the sweltering hot conditions. Continue reading

Back in Luxland


After several months of traveling and racing, I finally made it back to Luxembourg. The week after my big win at the Ironman 70.3 Florida, I took it pretty easy and hardly trained. To be honest, I did 4 sessions total that week. I was actually hanging out in St. Augustine, FL and spent a lot of time with my in-laws.

The weather was terrible for 6 days straight, so we spent a lot of time at the in-laws house, which was actually pretty nice for a change. St. Augustine is an amazing place. Right now, I am sitting in the plane on my way back to Frankfurt and then back to Luxland Continue reading