Kona Recovery: My 2012 Race Report

It all went so smoothly.  I arrive on the island three weeks before the race, in the best shape of my life.  The first week was spiked with volume and intensity before I started my long-awaited taper.  Exactly 10 days out of the race is when it happened… Continue reading

2012 Summer Wrap Up: Bockel Video Blog

Bockel Official: My 2011 IM Kona Race Report

I am just getting ready to pack up ship and head back to mainland tomorrow evening.  It has been a great trip to Kona this time around.  Alicia and I set off for a road trip around the island and ended up uncovering some pretty nice finds on the east and south parts of Kona–best of all–the private waterfall outside of our B&B (see video above).  So, now it’s time to get back into my training and start the preparation for the next race, which is just three weeks away!  I will be racing Ironman Florida on November 5th so I don’t have much time to waste sipping champagne.

I decided to make my race an open book this year, so I have made myself available for any questions you have regarding my race and preparation for IM Kona.  Check out the Slowtwitch Forum for the thread and ask away!

Kona Recap: The Good, the Bad, and those 4 Minutes…

Bob Kupbens / Competitive Image

Wow, this time I am writing you from my rainy home in Bereldange, Luxembourg.  I just got back from a 2-day trip from Kona via Berlin and then a long drive back home.  Alicia had to attend 2 classes of her PhD studies so we chose to knock them out right after Kona… It felt like a whole week though. My “cankles” are back to normal, the legs started to work again on day 4, and the great Olympic center in Berlin took amazing good care of me during my stay- a big thanks to the lady boss there for that!

I am extremely satisfied with the race, BUT…well, let’s start at the beginning. Continue reading

Antwerp 70.3 dedication & Lux TdF crit

I‘m back on the road. Somehow I still get very excited every time I am about to leave. Destination: Boulder, Colorado.  Purpose: Hawaii preparation.  With who: double world champion Craig Alexander.  Special info: 6 weeks altitude then straight to Kona, Hawaii for the big show down in 2010. Continue reading