Bockel Official: My 2011 IM Kona Race Report

I am just getting ready to pack up ship and head back to mainland tomorrow evening.  It has been a great trip to Kona this time around.  Alicia and I set off for a road trip around the island and ended up uncovering some pretty nice finds on the east and south parts of Kona–best of all–the private waterfall outside of our B&B (see video above).  So, now it’s time to get back into my training and start the preparation for the next race, which is just three weeks away!  I will be racing Ironman Florida on November 5th so I don’t have much time to waste sipping champagne.

I decided to make my race an open book this year, so I have made myself available for any questions you have regarding my race and preparation for IM Kona.  Check out the Slowtwitch Forum for the thread and ask away!

2 Comments On “Bockel Official: My 2011 IM Kona Race Report”

  1. Nice job dirk, was watching the live feed and U looked strong… impressive finish. Good luck in Flordia.

  2. Thanks Nate. To be honest, I do need quite a bit of luck for IM FL…. see you soon

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