Updates: Florida 70.3 & Austria 70.3

I still owe you guys some feedback after the last two races, I have been pretty busy lately, but now everything seems to be back to normal (well as normal as it will ever be).

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Race Report: The Big (not so) Easy

Dirk Bockel: New Orleans Race Report 2010 from Dirk Bockel on Vimeo.

The day after Abu Dhabi

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Good morning, I just got back from my “day after the race brekkie”.  My legs are sore and my body aches as I pay some tribute to one of the greatest races of my career so far.

Let me start from the beginning:

I had been preparing for this race in the US this winter and I flew into Abu Dhabi 8 days before the race to get acclimatized—we were able to stay at the fancy five star race hotel.  It was a nice treat to get to relax a bit after all that training—I had over two and a half months of serious preparation for this race so I needed to take it seriously.

The race was an overall big success for me as well as for the organizers—and the crowed was amazing when we flew by.

When I exited the water, I found myself in a bigger group of around 10-12 guys and we formed the leading pack.  First transition was smooth and I was on my new Ceepo bike and took it out very controlled but with some good speed. Continue reading

The Dirt on Kona

Proudly holding my flag high (credit Yi Hsueh)

I thought that it is about time that I shared some of my experiences at the race in Kona–so here you are–the official Kona recap!

I really have to say thanks to Gary T. For helping us out the last week before the race- we stayed at his place and had a very quiet and ideal race prep.

On the day of the race, I felt like I could give it all, but the nervousness was overwhelming. I wasn’t sure where to position myself for the start but I figured I should be fast enough to make it to the front right away, so I just took it out from the middle. Swimming out I was in the first pack but didn’t follow the first 4 guys- and looking back it was smart not to follow them. Continue reading

The day after my first Ironman Hawaii

I am really enjoying the Kona aftermath at the moment!  It was an amaying day and such an awesome experience to get to compete with the best of the best out here in this mystical place.

What did you think about the race?  Any upsets or pleasant surprises?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts!