RTL Luxembourg: Kona Interview…and the bike.

RTL Luxembourg caught up with me here on the big island just before I race at the Ironman World Championships this weekend.  This is for all the people back home who can understand our language–for all the others–enjoy the shots of Kona & my bike, Sookie.  Wish you were here…


Kona Swim: French Interview

352 Mag Luxembourg: Pre-Race Audio

Lava Lounge: Bockel’s Back

I had a chat with Welchy over at the Lava Lounge this week about Saturday’s upcoming showdown.  Have a look see….

Triathlete Magazine: A Kona Training Day

The guys over at Triathlete Magazine followed me for a bike ride out on the Ironman World Championships race course.  Check it out and get a little taste of what my days has been looking like out here.