RTL Luxembourg: Kona Interview…and the bike.

RTL Luxembourg caught up with me here on the big island just before I race at the Ironman World Championships this weekend.  This is for all the people back home who can understand our language–for all the others–enjoy the shots of Kona & my bike, Sookie.  Wish you were here…


4 Comments On “RTL Luxembourg: Kona Interview…and the bike.”

  1. Congrats for your 4th place!!!
    Well done, great race!!!

  2. Hey Dirk,

    Félicitatioun fir déngt super Resultat och rëm dëst Joar zu Hawaii !!!

    7-8-4-1 … d’nächst Joar knacks du d’Aussiën an den Däitschen, an da bass du de ‘Lëtzebuerger King of Kona’ 😉

    BRAVO nach eng Kéier, an: continue to ‘live and let tri’ !!!

  3. merci euch 2. Jedes Jahr einen Schritt nach vorne! Bald sind wir ganz oben….

  4. Gratulatioun fir dat super Resultat zu Hawaii!Maach weider sou!

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