Get my cycling secrets on LA Talk Radio!

Simon Gowen Triathlon Show

I have some cool news for those fellow triathletes out there that are trying to get in good bike shape this season!  I am going on LA Talk Radio with Mr. Simon Gowen to share all of my cycling training secrets with you!

Update: The Live show is finished now but you can still listen to the show on the Simon’s Podcast!  Just CLICK HERE!

Who should be allowed to start? Discussion about new WTC rules.

Who should be allowed to Start?

As some of you may know, there has been a new rule passed by the WTC that all pro athletes must pay a registration fee of 750 dollars and be enrolled in an anti-doping program.  This seems to be a hot topic at the moment so I thought I would give my viewpoint on the whole thing.

I don’t mind paying for the membership fees–it ends up saving me money in the long run.  The new anti-doping program is supposed to be in effect starting February 1, 2010–but hold on, that date has already passed.  Does anyone know how many pro athletes have signed up for it?  Are those the only ones getting tested by random drug controls?
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Please Help Haiti!

EPA/Orlando Barrla

I am sitting on the couch in Clermont, Florida where I am and doing my first training camp in the early season preparation. Jordan Rapp, a two time Ironman winner, is joining me to do some “mileage sharing”. We both have the same coach and so it seems like a pretty good fit for our training.

Life is good for me at the moment but when I see the news everyday on TV about the earthquake in Haiti, all my little worries and problems become nothing compared to of what so many people in Haiti are going through in the moment. Continue reading

The day after my first Ironman Hawaii

I am really enjoying the Kona aftermath at the moment!  It was an amaying day and such an awesome experience to get to compete with the best of the best out here in this mystical place.

What did you think about the race?  Any upsets or pleasant surprises?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

The day before my first Ironman Hawaii

Make sure to follow the race on to get up to the minute coverage of me and the rest of the machines out there–battling it out in Kona.

The race will start at 6:45am Kona time (12:45pm EST, and 6:45pm CET) on Saturday October 10th!!!