Post Roth Interviews!


I had the race of my life this weekend in Roth!  I will be posting my personal race report in the next few days (from the Fjords in Norway, where I am currently vegging out).

In the mean time, check out these links:

Breakfast with Bob’s “Dirk Bockel on Roth” Interview

Sebastian Kuhn’s photos via Leopard Trek

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30 minute feature about the race (in German) on ARD

Post ROTH interview from tri-mag (in German): “Wenn man dran glaubt, kann man Berge versetzen”

BR Challenge Roth: Spitzensport und Spektakel (in German)

Breakfast with Bob: Bavarian Style

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I got a chance to have breakfast with Bob Babbitt this week as I get ready for the showdown in Roth!  Check it out HERE

2013 Race Schedule Announced

I am excited to announce that I just finalized my race schedule for the year.  Taking into account some of the things I have learned about my training and preparation for big races, there are some changes from the past few years–and I hope that this new direction will be successful for me and prove to keep things interesting and fun (after over 23 years of triathlon–I am always happy to do new races and take on new challenges–I need a change every now and then).

My first race of the year took place last week in Naples, FL–where I am happy to say that I took the win.  It was a nice change of pace for me to focus on half distance racing–which will be the theme of the first part of my season.  I did 6 long distance races last year, and my coach and I both think that the fatigue associated with such a long season may have been what contributed to the cramping I experienced in Cozumel at the end of the year.  For this reason, the first half of the year focuses on shorter races that will not only keep my leg-speed intact, but also give me an opportunity to gain the points I need for the Kona qualification.  The half-distance focus of the first part of the year will keep me in North & South America for the spring:

January 13, 2013 – HITS Series Half – Naples, Florida
February 3, 2013 – Ironman 70.3 Panama, PanAm Championships – Panama City, Panama
March 17, 2013 – Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico – San Juan, Puerto Rico
May 3, 2013 – Ironman 70.3 St George, US Pro Championships – St. George, Utah

I will then head back over to Europe for the summer and concentrate on key long distance races that will act as highlights for me.  These are the focus of my 2013 season outside of Hawaii.

Lastly, I will head back over to Boulder, CO for the buildup for the biggest race of the year–the Ironman World Champs in Kona.  I will spend the late summer and early fall in altitude preparing for the main event.

I am always open to adding races depending on how I feel–so CHECK THE SCHEDULE for changes.  I hope to see you guys out at some of these races!  What are your plans for 2013?

Winter break is over…and it’s time to race!

Fl Training

My first race of the year will be at the HITS Half Ironman in Naples FL. The race will be held Saturday the 12th of January at 7am. I am looking forward to get back into racing mode! In just two weeks I will race Panama 70.3 in order to get some more qualifying points for my world ranking and the Kona World Championship qualification. This winter we tried a few different things and I was able to stay lean and in shape. Not sure what how my body will react during the race but I am confident to be able to challenge myself!

So I guess it is time I update you guys on my winter break… Continue reading

Ironman Cozumel: The Official Report

My last race in Cozumel didn’t go exactly as planned but I am glad that it’s now in the past and I am enjoying my off time after a long and successful season.

My final race was supposed to give me at least a minimum of a Top 4 in order to “validate” my IM requirements and earn the necessary points for the Kona qualification system. I am at around a 1500 points short and that result would have taken care of it Continue reading