The Night Before my First Ironman

The adrenaline is pumping and I am very excited to step up and race my first Ironman tomorrow: All is well and i am feeling really good and relaxed at the moment. There are quite some changes compared to ITU racing but it should be no problem to adapt here. Some rules are strange-but its the same for everyone.

The past days went by fast and the training effort has been on recovery mode for some time. We just changed our accommodation in a more quiet place and that will give me the necessary space I need before the competition. My friends Chris and Natasha came all the way from Germany/Luxembourg to support me and give me a hand in the days leading up to the race. Alicia is doing all the organization and planing every day, which turns out to be quite a bit of work.

Finally my new Liger bike from MaxLelli arrived and I found a great position which will assure me a good bike split out there.

You can follow me on Friday night at 18:45 (MEZ) on (It is local Taupo/NZL time 6:45 am) My race number will be 28 and I will wear a fancy white custom-made suit from my sponsor Santini SMS.

Thanks to Triathl’Aix for the support in 2009.

I better get some rest- it will be a long but successful day tomorrow.

Over and out


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  1. Hey Dirk, habe gerade Dein Rennen in Taupo gesehen, herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum 3. Platz!
    Beste Gruesse, Mark (eigentlich Berlin, jetzt gerade im Urlaub in NZ)

  2. Great job in IM NZ !!!
    Congratulations and see you in Hawaii 2009

  3. Hi Dirk hab grad im Videotext über deinen 3. Platz gelesen, herzlichen Glückwunsch aus dem kalten und nassen Deutschland 🙂
    Mach weiter so!!!

    Axel Fischer (falls du dich noch erinnerst)

  4. Hi Dirk,

    I attempted to race IM NZ but had a bit of bad luck and i can’t run very well. My name is Melissa Holt, and I’m from Cambridge NZ. I raced on the same cyling team with your sister Karen in USA.I wish I had of worked out that you were related but your Lux nationality confused me! Congrats on your race. Can you say a big fat kiwi hello to your lovely sister from Meshy!!

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