Recovery & the Open Road: Healing an injury while traveling through Europe in a Camper Van.

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  1. Hallo Dirk,

    Ich wünsche dir einen schnellen und guten heilungsverlauf. Viel Spaß bei deiner europatour. Ich bin gerade auf big Island und hab mir mal die ironman Route vor Ort angesehen. Meinen größten Respekt für deine Leistungen! Es ist noch beeindruckender wenn man die Verhältnisse kennengelernt hat. Hoffe dich nächstes Jahr dort wieder am Start zu sehen weiter gute Besserung. Beste Grüße Frank Gabriel

  2. Ciao Dirk,
    Keep going! Good lick for your recovery!
    Which races would you like to do (if you can) at the end of the year?
    Greetings from Italy!

  3. Ciao Simone. My foot is healing and I am working towards better fitness again. As of now, my races are not clear yet, maybe in December I will do some additional races, but that will depend on how fast I am able to get back. there is no rush, as I want to target the bog races in 2016 again, so I need to consider this as well. It has been a crappy year- but that’s racing and part of being a pro. Thanks for your support e a presto chez Italia!

  4. Hey, Danke Dir. Ist schon krass alles da auf Kona. Es ist nicht nur der IM, sondern der Wind, die Hitze, die Schwüle und dann kommt noch der ganze Hype dazu. Der Druck auf die Athleten macht es auch nicht einfacher. Aber genau das leiben wir ja!
    Bis bald, Dir auch alles Gute

  5. Ciao Dirk!
    It’s nice to see you in a very good shape, you look relaxed and absolutely recovered, so finger crossed for your incoming exam!
    Remember that your friends and supporters here in Lucca are waiting for your big return (maybe the next spring?); moreover let me highlight that we still have to go out for dinner all together with the Great Alberto and the other guys as we already agreed before your departure: obviously only glutenfrei food!
    Keep us up to date regarding your progresses and trainings.

    Take care mate!

  6. Ciao Samuele,
    mille gracie per ti messagio. perfetto. And yes we will be back for the entire summer. We already miss Lucca. I will send you some more info on your email. Ciao e a presto chez Lucca.

  7. Hey Dirk,

    Glad to hear things are looking up after an unfortunate year. I was wondering what your hip injury was. I myself have recently had hip surgery for a torn labrum. The recovery is slow and frustrating.


  8. Hi Rob. My hip injury was an issue with the iliopsoas tendon. No laprum involved, but we did check on that too. I jus know that this takes a while to heal. Think outside the box what you could do to support the healing. Cut inflammatory foods out of your diet, at least for a while.
    ( Gluten, meat, sugar, sounds simple but tough to do.) Read about it and see if that might help. Trust your doctors around you and follow their plans. In just a few weeks I will publish my book- one of the short books is about injuries and how to deal with them. I am sure that could help you as well.
    Good luck with the healing and sty positive and motivated. Use your down time in other ways. Careful with the readaption once it passes.
    All the best

  9. Thank you for your response Dirk, I really appreciate it. I will take your advice and try to cut out those foods. Im willing to give anything a try and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for your book.

    All the best for 2016.

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