How to increase your Kona Performance: Two Weeks Out

000_D4S2626There are less than two weeks till the big dance in Kona, and this is a specific and crucial time. Every athlete is now in taper mode or about to start the real tapering before the race. Fatigue is still pretty strong and the body is crying for more rest and sleep. Most athletes are in Kona or starting to travel to the island now. Training in race like conditions is an absolute by this point. Many athletes are getting a bit tense and starting to seek privacy. I believe this is pretty normal given the stress that the body is going through at the moment. Not to mention, for the pros, several media requests will be rolling in and race week will already be jammed packed with appointments.

The best thing to do at the moment is to focus on getting the last few big sessions under your belt and not making too many appointments to meet up with friends and fellow athletes. It is nice to see each other on the island and there are many stories to be told about the past few weeks and races, but this can all wait till the after party. Now it’s important to listen to your body and give the race engine the break it needs. If that means quiet time, then hide out and do your thing. Pros should always remember, you are not just getting paid to train but also to do PR for your sponsors. Find the right balance. If you do too much you will potentially sacrifice your performance and if that happens a few times then you don’t need to worry about PR stuff anymore. So set your priorities right and do what you think is best.

For the age groupers, easing into the experience of Kona it is key. Remember to do your own plan and not get side tracked by the hype of the race. Kona is a special place but it turns into a zoo the last 10 days. Make sure you stay on track. Avoid the typical pitfalls of panic training the last few days and keep the “triathlon look” at a normal level. The idea that the more Ironman logos you wear the faster your will be is a myth. No need for speedo and heart rate belt outfit on Ali’i drive.

I just finished a big chapter in my book about the do’s and don’ts in Kona–and believe me, it definitely merits it’s own full chapter!

Less than two weeks till the big day–it is getting real now. Focus on healthy foods and avoid any new food experiments. Do what you always do and stay out of trouble. This week is probably more crucial than the final race week.

Good luck to you all.

I will be at the pier at most mornings in Kona to give you some last minute advice and to meet and greet. If you are interested in learning even more of my secrets and getting the information you need in order to take the right approach to successful preparation and racing, then join me at one of my camps in the Tuscany in spring 2015! I will be revealing a lot of the key success points that I have learned along the way, and I will have all your questions answered.

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