How to increase your Kona performance: Four Weeks Out


With less than four weeks to the big dance in Kona, athletes are under pressure to hammer out perfect sessions that will help them shave minutes off of their overall time on race day. Right now it’s peak training time and it is a must to really focus on getting the big volume under your belt. I always feel that the last few weeks leading up to an Ironman have to be very precise and those key session need to be nailed, not only for your body, but also for the your mind.

My advice for you right now is to free yourself from other things and really focus on the next few weeks. You are undoubtedly tired and fatigued from training, so the time you commit to your goal is crucial and you need to focus even more on not to making any unnecessary mistakes. The less you have going on right now the better. Now is the time to prioritize training. Between those hard sessions it is absolutely necessary to give your body the rest that it needs in order to bounce back and be fresh.  So when it’s on it is on and when it’s off, well then it’s off.  It is more important than ever to draw clear lines and boundaries so that you are able to benefit from all of the hard work and sacrifices you have already made thus far.

Since I am not racing in Kona this year, I have a bit of extra time to reveal some of my secrets to success to racing well there.  I have over a quarter of a century of top level triathlon racing experience, and in this series, I will be sharing some of the tips I have learned along the way.  If you are interested in diving a deeper into my pool of knowledge (and into the amazing scenery of Tuscany), please come join me at the premier Gourmet Tri Experience next year!  I am really excited to be able to make myself available to you there so you can pick my brain and get the info you need in order to train and race at your greatest potential.

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