Entering the Cool Laid-Back World of Ironman

Just a few more days till I pack up and head to Kona–looking forward to getting out on the big island and tearing up the race course!  Boulder has been great.  Check out this video from one of our recent rides here in North Boulder (courtesy of Jessi Stensland).

3 Comments On “Entering the Cool Laid-Back World of Ironman”

  1. dirk! you are looking lean brother!! ready to roll! love the video blog!!

  2. Yeah he is freaking skinny. I have never seen him this fit ever! Kona is going to be awesome! Missing you guys–hugs to Neil!

  3. Man, I cant believe we are going to miss it in person. Keep working on that tan, so when you victor you look good! hug and kiss to alicia!

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