Dirk Bockel: On giving up my Kona Slot.


Trust me, I’m the Coach.


I just got back from a fun two weeks in Mallorca with the Uplace BMC Pro Triathlon Team. Plenty of miles were accumulated and fun was had by all. Some of the athletes took part in the Mallorca 70.3 at the end of the camp and ended up doing pretty well, which lets us know that we are doing something right, and keeps the team management happy as well. The team’s big summer racing calendar is filled with many highlights and every other week we will be battling it out for the win someplace around the world.

I decided to spend a week in the Austrian mountains to get some specific bike workouts done before I head into the sun in Italy. My favorite place to hang out, Hotel Mohrenwirt am Fuchslsee, gives me the best support for a healthy mix of hard training and, stunning surroundings, great mechanical and physio support, and good food and company once I am done training. Austria has a special place in my heart, that’s for sure.

The only thing is, I have had a problem with my hip flexor since I crossed the line in Melbourne. Continue reading

Update: Bronze, Boats, and Bavaria

Summer has finally come to Europe, at the relief of all of the frozen Europeans who have been suffering through one of the longest winters ever. It is sunny here and very very hot–which will be great preparation for my upcoming race in Roth!

Since my last update, I raced at 70.3 Florida and placed 3rd (I had to scurry to get points after my flat tire in St. Croix two weeks before), and then we flew straight out to Europe on the same day as the race. We then landed in pretty cold conditions in Luxembourg, so I booked another flight straight to Spain so I could escape the rain (even if it is just for a few days, I really don’t like training in the freezing cold rain, and it is a risk for my health before big races). After a quick trip to Spain, I flew back into Luxembourg and then drove down to Belfort, France for the ITU World Champs. The conditions were so horrible that the race was turned into a duathlon (as a lot of the races in Europe have been). I ended up placing 3rd after a long and hard battle through the elements. Take a look at Facebook for photos–the pictures are worth a thousand words there.

So, after that mission was complete, I headed over to the Black Forest to spend some time letting my legs recover a bit.  It was much needed and very much enjoyed.  I took this little video to update you guys from one of the lakes there… the Titisee.  Funny name, but nice place.

Now training is in full swing as I prepare for Challenge Roth!  I am really excited to start there–and have been able to train on the course quite a bit.  I have been enjoying the German fare as well (see HERE).  I will spend the next few weeks in Luxembourg and Roth, hammering in the kms before my second highlight of the year, on July 14th in Roth.  Check back soon for more updates… lots of new exciting things in the pipeline.

Blown Away: My Visit to the A2 Wind Tunnel & Entering Altitude

Dirk 1

I decided it was about time to get my position double checked and do some minor tweaks here and there in terms of equipment.  So right before my altitude camp in Flagstaff, I flew to Charlotte to get tested in the legendary A2 wind tunnel. Mike Giraud is not only my friend, but he is also the boss when it comes to the tunnel, and he was able to find out a few interesting things that helped me get even more aero and ready to face the wind in my upcoming races across Europe and the USA.

With a slightly remodeled position and some minor changes in my pocket I was released hours later, back on a plane that was taking me to Phoenix and then via car up to Flagstaff. Holy crap- I can’t remember the last time I was that tired while driving.  It must have been during my early years of racing when I came back from Australia and had to drive home from Frankfurt. I had to pull over and fall asleep in a parking lot and nearly froze to death when I woke up. So, remembering that experience, I decided to keep going on my drowsy drive up the mountain Continue reading

Dirk Bockel: A Spring Update

This season has taken me from the Alps in Austria, to Luxembourg, Florida, Panama, Puerto Rico, and back to Florida so far.  In this video I update you on how things have gone so far and what’s to come this year–exciting stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned!