Bockel Rides Blue: My 2011 Speed Machine…

It’s all about the bike: There is tons of good news and lots to update you all on….I am so happy to have our little place set up here in St. Augustine, I am booking flights, training my butt off, and of course as you can tell from the photo above, the biggest news is that I just signed with BLUE bicycles!  This is another step towards an even faster bike split in Kona and will bring me closer to reaching the ultimate goal of winning on the big island.  I am very excited and proud to be part of Team Blue.  Chance Regina and the crew out in Atlanta are getting my Abu Dhabi bike ready to go and completely outfitted with my Di2 components parts as we speak.  I am going to have one seriously sweet ride.  Don’t worry–I will be sending pics as soon as it arrives on my doorstep.

Let the season begin: Time seems to have flown by and I am already a few weeks out of my first big race for this season. Yes, it is Abu Dhabi again this year and I am very excited about racing in the UAE for the second time.  I have some great memories from last year when I was so close to the win and the big 50,000 prize purse!  This year I am hungry for it and have been hammering in the miles here in St. Augustine, FL.  We have a great crew out here and several guys are riding through the potato fields every day and I am really thankful for the company out there!  They are helping me to get in great shape for showdown on March 12th where there will be a stellar lineup–Eneko, Macca, Crowie, Rasmus…the list goes on and on.  Should be a lot of fun out there on the Yas Marina Formula 1 Circuit!

Official World Tour: After a lot of editing and planning, my race schedule is finally official!  I decided to throw in a bit of everything and I will be racing everywhere from Abu Dhabi to Brazil to Kona and distances ranging from Olympic to half IM’s to full IM’s.  I definitely won’t be bored this year and neither will you!  You can find all of my World Tour details HERE.

The new man in charge: Franko Vatterott over at Human Interest Group has taken over my management for the upcoming years and I am very happy and thankful for his great work.  It is saving me and Alicia a lot of  time and making it even easier for me to focus on training.  A special thanks goes out to him.

New Live & Let Tri Apparel: I am very stoked to announce that my buddy Daniel Bizzell has helped me to create some really awesome T-Shirts and now there are all available to you! Europe and US have their own its own separate sites where you can order these awesome and unique shirts.  CLICK HERE to be part of my team!

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  2. Hi Dirk –

    I wanted to wish you the best of luck in your upcoming season. I just got into the sport recently, saw your great finish at IM Florida this past year, and have followed you ever since. I know you’ll have a great season.

    I also will follow you as I spent a semester studying in Luxembourg at the Miami University Dolibois European Center in Differdange. It was a great time and Luxembourg will always have a special place with me.

    I am racing down in New Orleans this year in April as well, so best of luck.

  3. hi Tim, great to hear from you. Thanks for following my progress. Glad you had a good Luxembourg experience, it’s a nice place to be. Please say hi when you see me around!

  4. Good luck on your season Dirk. Have fun in Flordia, and NO. I just got back from New Orleans and raced a marathon, great city! I’ll be watching for you.

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